Do relationships seem to never work out for you?

• Are you feeling stuck in your life?

• Do you have difficulty adjusting to life events or changes?

• Were you traumatized in childhood or adulthood?

• Are old patterns interfering with your ability to achieve your potential?

People come to therapy because they are sad, worried or troubled about something in themselves or in their lives.  Many difficulties can be understood and resolved through talking with a skilled, professionally trained outsider.  

You've thought about it many times and now you are ready to start psychological counselling. Many people get stuck from time to time and need a place of understanding and clarity to help them move forward.  Psychologists understand how change happens and are skilled at helping you move on to new possibilities faster than you might achieve on your own.

My goal is to assist you to live a more meaningful, and often less painful, life by working collaboratively with you to tailor a treatment plan that meets your individual goals.


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